Why I Blog

Why do I write this blog?  This is a question that I think about often.  Writing a blog is something that can be hard to manage on a regular basis because blogging can be very time consuming especially if you want to try and write something worth reading.  Therefore, I want to be very intentional in what I write about.  My goal is not to put up a lot of useless information, but my heart’s desire and the reason I write is in the hope that I will be able to help at least one person learn something about marriage, ministry, leadership, or following Jesus.

I write because God has put a desire in my heart to help others learn to know him better, to have better marriages, and to become better leaders in the church.  I use “better” in each of these on purpose because we can all be improving our effectiveness, knowledge, and practice in each of these areas.  My purpose in writing is to help you, whether that is by teaching you something new, recalling things to your mind that you have learned before, or simply encouraging you.  If you read a blog that I post that helps you or if you have questions I would love to hear from you because that’s how you can help me do a better job.

I will work to focus my writing efforts on the following topics:

  • Marriage – Things I am learning and have learned about marriage that I believe will help any couple.  Helping couples have better marriages is a big passion for both Kendall and I.  In case you didn’t know, Kendall is a counselor and her graduate degree is in Marriage and Family Counseling.
  • Ministry – There is so much that can be learned about ministry, and this doesn’t apply to pastors only.  If you are a follower of Jesus then you are called and can participate in ministry!
  • Leadership – Leadership is a growing passion of mine because I see so much importance in learning how to lead people, especially in the church.  My goal is to write about leadership principles that I am learning that can be used both in the church and in any leadership position.
  • Following Jesus – I would say this is the most important topic I will write about.  Learning what the Bible teaches about a relationship with Jesus and how we follow him has ramifications both in this present life and for all eternity.  I will share what I am learning in my personal times with God, along with other principles that will be helpful in a person’s faith.

I hope and pray that through this blog I am able to be a help to you in some way.


David Hibiske

*My goal is to post a minimum of one blog per week.  Most blogs will be posted on Friday or Saturday.


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