From Twitter Hater to Twitter Lover

Posted: January 29, 2011 in Leadership, Ministry

I used to be a Twitter hater.  It’s true!  I used to think why would anyone want to use Twitter.  I mean seriously, no one cares what you’re doing every second of the day, who you ate lunch with, what you’re reading, and when you’re going to bed.  Maybe as you read this you’re like me in your thinking about Twitter, social networks in general, and anything involving technology.

I say all of that to let you know that I am now a Twitter user and a Twitter lover.  Trust me this took some time and I needed a little convincing as to why using Twitter could be beneficial.  I ultimately hold Jason Gaston (a friend and youth pastor from NC – follow him on Twitter @JasonGaston) responsible for getting me hooked on Twitter.  Through one of our conversations he let me know some of the ways Twitter can be helpful and since then I have learned more ways Twitter is helpful and beneficial, especially in a ministry leadership role.

Here are three of my reasons for now embracing Twitter:

1. Twitter is a Resource Tool: By following some great pastors and Christian leaders I have learned of new books, blogs, conferences, and websites that are extremely useful and help me grow as a follower of Jesus, pastor, and leader.

2. Twitter Expands my Influence: As a pastor and church leader Twitter is another avenue that I can help people learn about a relationship with Jesus.  Twitter is like a “mini-blog” that is read by a lot more people than my blog.

3. Twitter is Great for Marketing: With Twitter I can get the word out about church events, youth group events, and other important subjects that I want a great mass of people to know about.  Twitter is great because with one tweet people can read it on Twitter, Facebook, and my blog.

Go ahead…give Twitter a shot!  But be careful not to over use the new resource at your finger tips.  Remember, people still don’t care about what you ate for lunch, who you’re talking to, and when you’re going to bed; but you can use Twitter as a great way to promote Jesus, church events, and even keep people up to date on important things happening in your life.  Happy Tweeting!

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  1. Matt Keith says:

    great post bro! glad you finally wised up and jumped on the twitter wagon. and i love what you’ve done with the blog. look at you getting all techie-fied!

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