Can’t believe it’s already Christmas!

Posted: December 24, 2010 in Ministry, Relationship w/ Jesus

I am amazed at how fast a year can go by, and I can’t believe that today is Christmas Eve.  When I was growing up I never believed my parents when they said, “When you grow up time goes by a lot faster!”  As you probably know, when you’re  in middle school time seems to almost be standing still, but as an adult you just want things to slow down a little.

We become so busy with work, family time, church meetings, Christmas parties, Christmas shopping, and from time to time trying to get some sleep that it’s easy for us to neglect taking the time to focus on Jesus leading up to Christmas.  What often happens is we claim “Jesus is the Reason for the Season” with our mouths, but our time, focus, and checkbooks say something different!

Be sure to take some time today and tomorrow to think about God’s love for you and to thank Him for the gift of Jesus.  I was thinking this morning how the Lord and Savior of all mankind stepped out of heaven to be born of a virgin.  The very One through whom everything was created was dependent upon His creation (Mary and Joseph) to feed Him, bathe Him, change His dirty diapers, and to provide for His needs as a child. Jesus humbled himself and became a servant to mankind for the sole purpose of one day going to a cross in order that we, through faith in Him, might be reconciled to the very God who created us.  Jesus came to us, so that we could come to Him!

Don’t let yourself be consumed with consumerism, gifts, credit card debt, and Christmas party burnout; but let yourself be consumed with thoughts, rejoicing, and thankfulness to God for the greatest gift ever given. Take time by yourself, with your family, and with your friends to recall the amazing love of God that was displayed by a baby born in a stable and placed in a manger that would one day become the Savior of the world by facing death on a cross.  God loves you and the fact that Jesus came, died, and rose again is proof!


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