Grander Vision Living

Posted: November 13, 2010 in Leadership, Ministry, Relationship w/ Jesus

I recently read “Just Walk Across the Room” by Bill Hybels and constantly felt myself challenged, inspired, and passionate in the area of evangelism (sharing Jesus with others).  Some of you may have read Kendall’s review of the book on her blog,  Since she did a great job of reviewing the book I’m not going to write about the whole book, but just about one chapter that really made an impact on me.  Personally I think this chapter is worth buying the book for!

The chapter is entitled “Grander Vision Living.”  Hybels begins by recounting the story of Jesus calling Peter, James, and John to come follow him and he will make them fishers of men.  Bascially here are some guys who are doing quite well for themselves and they’re planning to take over the family business.  They’ve already been trained, got the boats, got the equipment, and things look as if these guys are pretty well set for life.  What happens though is Jesus shows up one day and everything changes.  Hybels paraphrases the discussion of Jesus with Peter, James, and John by writing, “‘Peter, James, John,’ Jesus said as he looked each of them in the eyes, ‘so far, you three have spent your days being fishermen. But what I’m inviting you to do – starting right here, right now – is to become fishers of men and women. Instead of investing your precious time and energy in catching six-inch fish, let’s go after the six-footers! I’m asking you to give up everything you have and everything you are for the sake of people’s souls. Come with me, and you’ll see what real living is all about!'” (p. 173)

Can you imagine what must have been going on in the their minds when Jesus is saying this to them?  What’s even more thought provoking for you is that “Jesus has been asking all sorts of people – fishermen and businessmen and housewives and teachers and preachers and lawyers and all the rest – this one question: Are you going to throw your one and only life into pursuing small fish, or will you risk tossing your nets out there in anticipation of catching the human-sized ones?” (p.174).

You see what we must ask ourselves as followers of Christ is, “What are we living for?”  Do we have a small vision for our life?  One that is focused on having a house, cars, boat, nice clothes, 2.5 kids, 2 cats, 1 dog, and 3 fish.  Now there is nothing wrong with having these things, but if our life’s aim and ambition is solely focused on ourselves, our stuff, and our time then we really need to spend some time in prayer re-prioritizing our life.  God has called us to be part of a vision that is so much larger than we could ever imagine.  He has called us all to live life with a grander vision focusing on helping people be radically saved and changed through the message of Jesus!  “Just imagine what would happen in our churches if every real estate broker, carpenter, airline pilot, lawyer, homemaker, businessperson among us said, “I love my job because I’m in the people business. Yeah, my paystub is from XYZ Corporation, but my mission is from Christ. Because of that, I try to show Christ’s care for people by throwing open my arms to the lost and the found. To the black and the white. To the rich and the poor. To the young and the old, all the while asking the Holy Spirit what he wants me to say and what he wants me to do.” (p. 179).

When we as believers begin to live everyday of our lives in conjunction with the Holy Spirit to see others come to know the life changing power of the Gospel then we will be living our lives with a Grander Vision.  Just imagine how much of an impact living in this way could make on your family, your church, your workplace, your community, etc.  The local church is God’s plan for getting the message of the Gospel of Jesus out to a world that is dying and in need of him, and YOU are the church!  Its not the pastors responsibility to lead everyone to Christ, but it is every believer’s responsibility and it should be the driving vision for our life.

How is your evangelistic fervor?  When was the last time you prayed in the morning (and truly meant it), “God, today I yield my life to you, and I ask for opportunities to share your the love of Christ with someone today.”  Let’s live our lives with a kingdom (God’s Kingdom) focus seeking to “catch some six-footers” vs. living with a small vision “chasing some six-inchers.”


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