My First Baptisms…

Posted: May 25, 2010 in Ministry, South Bay Church

This past Sunday (5/23/10) we had a baptism service at South Bay and I got to baptize three people.  This was my first time baptizing anyone and it was really exciting.  On Saturday I ran through several times in my head what I would say and what I would ask each person when we were in the water together (I didn’t want to mess up their baptism!).  I saw so many baptisms growing up that I knew what to say, but you still have to make sure that you know what to say when you’re standing in front of a couple hundred people.  One of the coolest things about baptizing this weekend was that I was able to baptize Kristen, one of our friends that Kendall and I got to lead to Christ.  I consider it a great blessing to be used by God to share Jesus with people and see them begin to grow in their faith and be baptized.

One of the funny things that did happen during the baptism is that I bumped Rick’s (the guy who I baptized) head into the side of the baptismal pool!  Don’t worry, the sides are foam about 2-3″ thick.  This was the first time we have ever used this new baptismal pool and we (I) still have to work on where to have people stand in the pool before dunking them.  The first girl I baptized was pretty short compared to Rick who is a little taller than I am, so my judgement was off a little.  Its ok though, I still got him under the water! 😉

Here are some pics from the baptisms:


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