Posted: December 29, 2009 in General Updates

Kendall and I had a great time for Christmas! We were in Wilmington, NC with my parents and grandparents. During the Christmas week we took some time to spend with my family at the house, and we also took a day trip to Myrtle Beach, SC. For the guys this primarily meant day trip to Bass Pro. The women of the family went shopping at some other places in the area, but I still can’t fathom why you would want to leave a Bass Pro Shop :)? For those of you who don’t know, I’m an outdoors guy. I enjoy doing anything outside, such as camping, fishing, hunting, etc., so I love a trip to the Bass Pro especially with my dad. We finished the trip with dinner (at the Bass Pro restaurant, which is actually very nice) and a Christmas musical.

We didn’t go many places other than Myrtle Beach for Christmas, but mainly stayed at the house eating too many Christmas cookies. We were able to get a lot of rest before getting back to meeting with people to raise our needed financial support to move to CA. Please pray for us as we get back into the swing of calling and meeting with people after the holidays. We are still hoping to be moving to CA by the end of January and we are working very hard to achieve that goal. Please pray specifically that we will be able to get meetings scheduled with people and that the Lord will continue to connect us with people who will be our ministry partners. We greatly appreciate all of you who are supporting us and praying for us regularly. Without you we could not do what we are doing. We are thankful also to the Lord for His grace and how we have continued to see Him provide for us throughout this time of our lives!

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